In the event that your craft is lost or stolen this form if you have completed it and sent it to us, will assist in the recovery of your craft.





                        Send us a copy                                   keep a copy at home



Make of vessel                                 Model                          Length               Name                

Hull identification number                                         Registration number              

Colour of hull              Colour of Deck                        Colour of Superstructure          

Colour of antifouling (underwater)                               Colour of trim                  


Note you should find the Hull identification number on the transom (usually starboard side) otherwise search the interior for example on the dashboard or helm posit/on.




Make of Engine                Model                         Serial no                      

Gearbox or outdrive Make                                  Serial no                      

Transom shield serial number (If applicable) Serial no                            


Note you should find your engine serial nun her on a plate on the swivel clamp of an outboard or on the top of the engine on a sticker if it is inboard. Gearbox serial numbers are usually on a plate on the gearbox whilst outdrive and transom snield nuiiibers are marked on stickers on the casing usually.





Make of trailer                          Serial number                                       2/4 wheel        

Colour of chassis                     Colour of mudguards                              Braked/unbraked  





Make                                      Model                       Serial number










Name                                      Tel numbers (Home)                          (Work)             

Address                                  Tel number (Mobile)                           Fax               

                                              Email address          



REMEMBER TO ATTACH A PHOTOGRAPH to this form and keep copies of purchase receipt/bill of sale and registration documents away from the boat and with this form.

Published by C Claims Adjusters & IAMI Europe - R~ Box 8 Romford~ Essex. RM4 IAL - UK        


Print this form and complete then send to us.


 Help on Serial Numbers